Be Complex

Mandala Mission helps women create manageable and consistent mental wellness habits and cultivate self love.

Our goal is to give every woman the opportunity to take charge of her mental wellness and love herself for exactly who she is.

Make Impact • Be Compassionate • Open the Mind • Honor The Process • Create Habit

What We’re Doing

We are creating a space for women to manifest, learn and change mental wellness habits to honor ourselves where we are.

We’re shattering the stigma associated with living with anxiety and depression.

We’re starting a movement for self love.

How We’re Doing It

Mobile App

Our mobile app guides our self love journey in 3 ways.

1. Intention Setting
Providing the space to prioritize our daily reflection and be intentional about our self work.

2. Programs
Learn new techniques and philosophies for managing mental wellness as well join 21 day habit changing programs to create routine.

3. Tools
Find go to resources that will help you in those moments of high stress or something to turn to midday to recenter.

Our topics include Intention Setting, Yoga, Thought Navigation, Breathwork, Meditation, and CBT Tactics, to name a few.

Sign Up to Beta Test Our Experience

We are working really hard to bring you a meaningful and beautiful beta app to help you manage your anxiety, depression and mental wellness in general.

If you’d like to be apart of bringing Mandala to its fullest potential and sharing what you really need, please sign up below and stay tuned for more information.

Share Your Story

We’re making waves by sharing stories.

By creating a group of beautiful women coming together in the knowledge that we are all going through similar experiences, we hope to shine a light on our mental wellness and how we can view it a little bit differently.

If you have a story of what you’ve gone through, how you manage your anxiety, depression or other phases of your life, please share it with us and we would love to feature it.


Sometimes I Get Severely Depressed. And That’s Okay.

Sometimes I have mood swings. Extreme highs followed by extreme lows. And it can be painfully difficult to keep up. Sometimes it feels like the lows will never end. Even though I know, deep down inside of me, that they will. They’re triggered by self-doubt, insecurity, fear, hormones. They make me feel weak, pathetic, lost …

Why Mandala?

You may be wondering why we’re called Mandala Mission. And there are a few reasons.

McKenna has been drawing Mandalas her entire life as a form of meditation as well as anxiety management. She uses them to check out of her brain and check into a part of herself that allows creativity and exploration. They have been an important part of her mental health journey and continue to show their beauty.

Second, and in no particular order, when McKenna was 19, she asked her dad “why am I crazy?” To which he replied, “you’re not crazy, you’re just complex.” This little shift in perspective completely changed her outlook on herself. The idea behind Mandala Mission is to be just as complex as you were born to be. That means we’re all different. We all address our challenges in different ways and we’re all uniquely beautiful. Mandalas represent this visually.

Third, Mandalas represent a balance of body and mind infused with clarity. The mental health journey is holistic. It is bringing together the power of your body and your mind as well as learning and growing into yourself, finding that clarity. And we believe in order to do that, you start by accepting yourself as you are.